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The Naini Retreat is one of the most luxury resorts in Nainital.

The Naini Retreat Hotel, one of the top vintage hotels in Nainital close to the lake, was once known as the Maharaja of Pilibhit’s home. The hotel is located at an elevation of 1,995 metres on the scenic Ayarpatta Slopes, offering a spectacular view of the Naini Lake. This opulent hotel, housed in a stunningly gorgeous palace structure, has both an old-world charm and clear signs of modern luxury. If you’re unsure of what to expect, you’ll be relieved to learn that we provide sumptuously decorated guestrooms, the greatest luxury suites in Nainital, and an atmosphere of gracious hospitality from a bygone era. During your visit, our welcoming staff will be on hand to help.
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Superior/Deluxe Room

The Naini Retreat’s Superior Rooms are perfectly crafted to provide you with a relaxing and unforgettable stay in the stunning city. Reserve your stay today to take advantage of complimentary amenities and stylish furnishings that will help you unwind and have a fun vacation.

Naini Royal Room

The Naini Retreat’s Maharaja Wing served as the monarch’s home in the past. Its separation from the hotel’s main wing creates the impression of a regal maharaja. The wing features five rooms, a private library, a concierge, and a stunning view of the lake. Your stay will be magnificent and unforgettable thanks to our hospitality, which is provided with warmth and sincerity.

jim corbett packages
jim corbett packages

Naini Hill View Room

The private sit-out rooms are positioned along a row of trees facing Naini Lake. Sit outside in the sunshine and take in the breathtaking views of the Nainital Valley and Hills, or stroll through the woods for a breathtaking glimpse of the Naini Lake. The accommodations are outfitted with all contemporary conveniences and facilities and are perfect for a restful getaway in the hills.

Family Room

The family rooms are among of our top hotel accommodations. Access to the garden is provided by the rooms. Simply relax in the sun while reading a book or watch the stars at night to savour the entrancing ambiance of this opulent hotel. From the sit-out itself, feel free to take in the live music performed in the garden every evening.

jim corbett packages
jim corbett packages

Garden Room

Garden Room provides a nice and restful stay and is decorated in a modern style. The rooms have wooden floors and are furnished with all the necessities for a comfortable stay, including high-speed internet access, luxury toiletries, a tea and coffee maker, and more.

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