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Luxury In The Heart Of Wilderness

Allow the beauty of the Corbett National Park to fill your senses, where only the sounds of the whispering breezes and splashing water can be heard while the birds sing in perfect unison. Discover how the architecture, cuisine, culture, art, and adventure experiences are all intertwined.

The Tarangi Resort and Spa, which sits on the edge of a wildlife sanctuary and offers views of the Kosi River and the Sitabani Forest, is a peaceful retreat for nature enthusiasts, photographers, couples, and families.

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Sarang Room


Sarang Rooms features a balcony or a sit-out area with an option of having either a garden view

Luxury Cottage


The Luxury Room features a balcony or a sit-out area with an option of having either a garden view or swimming pool view room. The Luxury Room showcases distinct blended aspects of modern artistry balanced by necessary home comforts and conveniences.

jim corbett packages
jim corbett packages

Riverview Cottage


The River View Rooms at Tarangi Resort & Spa offer guests a touch of royalty with the regal interiors of the room & views of the Sitabani forest and Kosi River. The River View room amenities include a large master bedroom with a king size bed and a private balcony. Each River view features a full off-bedroom balcony where vacationers can sit back and relax in the luxurious surroundings.

Jal The Pool Villa


The Pool villa at Tarangi Resort & Spa has been designed to exceed your expectations in terms of comfort & conveniences. It could either provide the perfect hideaway for romantic escapes or families looking out for a fabulous vacation together. Villa is 1040 sq. ft. in size.

jim corbett packages

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